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Do you love your pet? Their loyalty and the joy they brought to your life deserves to be honored by including their photo in our world record-setting online pet mosaic.
We are creating a searchable and sharable photo mosaic that will have a permanent home on the internet. This unique event will include at least 1 million pet photos and will be featured in worldwide news reports.

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Does love have limits?

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

Thousands of sick pets are unable to receive the medical care they need because of extraordinary veterinary costs. Unfortunately, pet owners’ love alone will not pay the bills.
Desperate pet owners turn to crowdfunding sites in an attempt to pay for veterinary surgeries. We believe that pets should receive the surgical care they need FREE OF CHARGE.

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Conventional way

The average cost of a veterinary surgery is approximately $5,000 – $10,000. Pet insurance and wellness plans often do not cover the complete cost. Crowdfunding donations can help offset the expenses, but other sick pets and other necessary surgeries will certainly follow.

You Never Forget Your Pet Immortalize the memories in our mosaic
Our way

We fund the veterinary clinic and pay the surgeons’ salaries. The surgeons can perform an average of 5-10 procedures per day, or 100-200 per month. For the monthly cost of the clinic and the surgeons’ salaries, approximately $10,000, we will be able to provide surgical care to 200 pets.

According to Petplan, about a dozen jurisdictions including California, Hawaii and Washington, D.C., are the most expensive for vet care, averaging more than $1,400 annually. North Dakota and Arkansas have average vet costs of $769 each and are tied in Petplan’s ranking for the least expensive states. Around 1 percent of pet owners have insurance on their four-legged companions.

Sick pet? Here’s average cost of treating cats and dogs, by state

For many pet owners, a visit to the veterinarian can often lead to sticker shock as even routine tests and treatments can be costly.
"Most pet parents will probably be surprised to learn that the average bill for unexpected care can range from nearly $800 to $1,500 ... and the reality is that every six seconds a pet parent is handed a bill for more than $3,000," Petplan Veterinary Manager Elyse Cannon said in a press release . "Today's veterinary medicine is quite advanced, so there are almost as many treatments available to furry friends as there are in human healthcare. "

It Can Happen to You

Treating common ailments such as cruciate joint injuries in dogs can cost around $3,480 while owners faced with a furry friend that swallowed something it wasn't supposed to can expect to spend an average of $1,755, according to Petplan, a provider of veterinary health insurance. Cancer, which is diagnosed in 12 million pets annually, will set an owner back an average of $2,033.


Indeed, the American Pet Products Association estimates that pet owners will spend $16.6 billion on vet care in 2017, an increase from $15.9 billion in 2016. Spending can vary widely by state, as can be seen in this map:

Free vet help for every pet in California

Accessible to everyone

Our goal is to operate sustainable animal clinics in at least six metropolitan California areas: Sacramento, Bay Area, Fresno/Central California, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Bay Area
Fresno (Central California)
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
Follow 3 easy steps to immortalize your pet.

3 Easy steps to immortalize your pet

Step 1

Go to our Eventbrite page and register for the world record. Share our page in your social media! The faster we have enough participants to break the current world record, the sooner we will open the photo upload window.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and YouTube for updates about the upload of 1 million photos. You will receive email reminders when the photo upload window arrives.

Step 2

The photo upload page will be opened for a 30-day window. You will receive email reminders and we will publish information on all social media sites about the window. Be sure to follow our social media updates as email reminders may be routed as spam.

Step 3

The completed pet mosaic will be permanently hosted on the internet. Share the site with friends and family as the mosaic will be fully searchable. Tell everyone that you were part of a world record!

How to enjoy world record participation

Submitted photos will be indexed by the pet owner’s first and last names and the pet’s name. Submissions can be shared directly from the photo mosaic onto multiple social media sites. We encourage participants to share the completed mosaic and their contributing photo on their social media pages.
The completed photo mosaic will be featured in the news in various formats: print, video (television) and online. We encourage participants to share the news stories on social media along with their submitted photos.
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Can we handle it? - Dozens of world record set (some examples bellow)

The Largest
reading lesson

A total of 1,600 students participated in a reading lesson held at Southwest High School in San Diego, California. The event was organized by Yuriy Seretskiy and The Symbol of Success LLC to help improve the US educational system.

Most People
Performing Lunges


A total of 1,600 students participated in a lunge exercise session. The event was organized by Yuriy Seretskiy, Aleksandr Garanovskiy, and The Symbol of Success LLC to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Largest
Human Phrase

A total of 2,600 people formed the phrase “No War” by standing in a stadium. The event was organized to promote peace and encourage people to stop war in around the world. Yuriy Seretskiy and The Symbol of Success LLC organized the event.

Some of my pets 1993 - Present

Our pets welfare is our responsibility.

Yuriy Seretskiy – Pet Lover

Yuriy immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union when he was 19, 23 years ago traveling with his beloved dog, Sindy. He grew up around animals and his compassion for animal causes motivated him to pursue a sustainable veterinary care solution.

As a child, Yuriy watched as his mother rescued stray dogs and cats. She nursed them back to health and cared for them until she could find them forever homes. This compassion runs throughout Yuriy’s family, as he has rescued dogs and his brother has adopted four dogs and a cat.

Yuriy Seretskiy – Philanthropist and event organizer

Yuriy has organized numerous public events and has set nearly 40 world records. His events have been featured in local media and were covered on the internet.
Yuriy organized the current world record for the most participants in a photo mosaic. He organized and publicized the 2017 event where over 300,000 photographs were included in a mosaic honoring the 479th anniversary of Kishinev, Moldova.

How / When I can upload my picture?

Click on the “I LOVE PETS” button on any page on this site and you will go our Eventbrite.comLargest Photo Mosaic” page. You will be prompted to upload the purchased number of photos upon completing payment for the selected package.

Can I upload more than 1 picture?

Photo packages have limited quantities. Each subsequent package can upload fewer photos.

  • The earliest participants can upload 10 photos in the “Early bird” package.
  • Participants in the “Not-So-Early-Bird” package can upload 5 photos.
  • The “Better Late Than Never” participants can upload 3 photos.
  • Last Chance” participants can upload 1 photo.
  • Group” package participants can upload 100 photos. These can be shared with friends, family, or co-workers and make great gifts.

How do I find my picture among 1M in the mosaic?

The mosaic is fully searchable by the submission participant’s first or last name, or by the pet’s name.

Can I share my picture on social media?

Yes. Photos in the mosaic can be directly shared on many social media sites.

Will the Mosaic be removed from the internet?

The mosaic will NEVER be removed from the web. So, when you browse the internet, you can surely find the photo of your pet anytime, anywhere. It will be a part of internet history.

How is the world record recognized?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in setting the world record for the most participants in an online photo mosaic. Certificates acknowledging the world record can be purchased from RecordSetter.com once the site certifies the record.

Can I change the photos after submitting them?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Once your photos are submitted, they can’t be edited or changed.

Why did you choose a pet as the model?

Yuriy immigrated to America with his dog, travel buddy, Sindy. He was raised in a pet-friendly and loving family that cares about and love pets. He has also dealt with the painful loss of pets due to illnesses, so he is motivated to help pet owners obtain the best care for their furry friends.

Pets appreciate your every effort

As pet lovers, you know how important your pet is in your life. They’re more than just your furry friend running around the house. They bring joy to your life that nobody can. They are family, so they definitely deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Loving creatures

Well, there’s no better way of showing people how much you honor, value and love them than having a sharable photo mosaic of your pet for everyone can see. Tell the world how grateful you are for your beloved pet. Include their photo in our world record-setting pet mosaic online. We take pride in crafting unique, searchable photo mosaic that people can find online.